Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A present for a friend's birthday

Giving a meaningful gift is a challenge!

Take Amy, it’s her birthday next month, and her friend Lucy wants to find a heartfelt gift.
But it’s got to be personal, not too expensive - and definitely not boring!
Oh, and Amy is the sort of girl who’s got everything. Typical.

Luckily, inspiration arrives! So Lucy goes online and begins a gleambook for Amy.
She enters her feelgood message and invites her friends to do the same.
Before you know it, dozens of Amy’s friends have said something lovely about her!

Whilst Lucy and her friends are off doing other stuff, we match each message with a beautiful, individually chosen image to create a gleambook. Then the presses roll, and a lovely hardback book wings its way to the lucky recipient!

Then on her birthday, Amy receives her gleambook.
She reads it - and gleams!
She hadn’t realised how much she was loved.

We like happy endings!

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